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As a police crime squad, teams apply effective communication and problem solving, without silo thinking, to identify the murderer




45 minutes + debrief


3 to 28 participants:
Up to 4 teams of 3-7


Staff at any level


Not required


No restrictions on the number of times you can use this game


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This popular team cooperation problem solving business game connects different teams with each other, to understand and respect their roles and the need to share resources.


Teams take on the role of a police squad, tasked with stopping the dramatic increase in the importation and sale of illegal drugs.

The problem becomes complicated when a murder occurs during the investigation and there are a number of possible suspects, but who is the guilty one?

Most teams make the assumption that they all have the same information, but if they use effective communication skills they will realise this is not the case.

Only by sharing all the information each team member has gathered and using good planning skills can the facts be identified from the "red herrings."

Even armed with all the information the offender will only be identified by effective problem solving strategies and methodical planning and teamwork.

Effective teams will identify the offender, but inferior teams will arrest the wrong suspect!


  • see the benefits of working together to solve the problem that faces them
  • appreciate important communication skills of listening and questioning
  • appreciate the need for planning methodically
  • use problem solving skills
  • practise analysis skills
  • see the benefits of teamwork to solve the problems that face them
  • have made effective decisions
  • recognise leadership skills
  • understand the importance of co-operation and teamwork.

Clients' Insights using this problem solving, silo busting, business game:

“It is a pleasure to use the game. My clients are more than happy (and sometimes frustrated) by the end of the exercise. They all comment that they enjoyed working through it. Here are some interesting points I have noticed about running the game:

  • I think this game could be an interesting one to use for Team Planning. It is interesting to observe that once teams discover that they have different information they do not consider how they could best solve the problem i.e. They do not plan. This is also related to team effectiveness.
  • I like the idea of the Blank Solution sheet. I sometimes give it quietly to one person on a team. At times it is incredible to watch as one person simply looks at the paper and then discredits it without sharing information with other participants.
  • I have noticed that the time you assign for the exercise determines how quickly teams work towards the solution. Some teams I give only an hour. Other teams I give 1.5 hours. Irrespective of the time it is quite interesting to observe how teams work to find the murderer and forget about the last 2 questions. This emphasizes the importance of clarifying the objective upfront with fellow team members.”

Chris Colaço - Initiate

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Comments from the Crime Squad Training Game

“Very good. All the people in the team had an input and you slowly get to know them better as individuals.”
A. Whitehead – Veterinary Business Development

“Good exercise which showed interesting aspects!”
J. Bushnell – Kent Police

“An excellent game really got the teams talking and eventually working together! Such good value; I recommend this for communication training and team building.”
P. Dawson – Dawson Enterprises

“Very useful team building exercise. Enabled one to understand how others think and was a valuable lesson in listening skills.”
T. Thornton – Veterinary Business Development


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