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Focus on managers' and supervisors' roles, responsibilities and duties



1.5 hours + debrief


1 to 12 participants


Staff at any level


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Training game for recruiting and assessing staff for supervisor and manager roles, or supervisor and management courses.


This stimulating training game allows participants to:

  • use consensus seeking skills to identify the duties and skills required to be a successful manager
  • recognise the role of the supervisor or manager
  • discover whether they are people or task orientated
  • identify characteristics that have no relevance to a manager's effective performance
  • identify areas to develop for more effective management
  • formulate an action plan for their development.

This training game is used for recruitment and assessing staff before promoting them to managers. It is also a popular game for a supervisors or management course, managers' conference or seminar.

This training game gets participants thinking, discussing and learning the role, duties and responsibilities of a supervisor or manager.


Supervisor Cards NewDivide the participants into groups of two or three and issue the cards you feel are most appropriate for your organisation or company. The set of printed plastic cards contain statements that apply to the duties, role, responsibilities and characteristics of a manager. For example:

  • "Looks for ways of improving efficiency"
  • "Monitors Health and Safety issues"
  • "Believes in getting results through people"

Other cards some contain characteristics that have no relevance to a manager's effective performance. For example:

  • "Easy to get on with. You can usually get what you want"
  • "Still very much one of the guys"

The task of the participants is to read the statement on each card they are given and decide which heading the cards fit under.

The headings are:

  1. Those which contain statements that apply to the role, skills and characteristics of a manager.
  2. Those which contain characteristics that have no relevance to a manager's effective performance.

After 20 minutes each group takes a turn to tell the other groups what was on their cards and whether they considered them to apply to the role, skills and characteristics of a manager; or have no relevance to a manager's effective performance.

They also give reasons for their decisions and the other groups will have the opportunity to agree or disagree with this group's decisions.

This part of the activity provokes a meaningful discussion on the duties, role and skills of a manager. It enables the trainer to observe managers in action and identify areas for development.


Issue the participants with a questionnaire and allow them to read each statement concerning their duties, role and responsibilities in the following of the four key areas:

  • Managing Activities
  • Managing Resources
  • Managing Information
  • Managing people.

They are required to mark from 1 to 7 how they normally function in that area.

This helps the participants focus on their development needs in the four key areas.

It is also useful to see which of the four key areas the each participant have least areas of development in. This could reveal whether they are task or people orientated.

It also helps them to focus on their development needs and formulate an action plan.

Supervisors and Management Duties, Role and Responsibilities is a flexible training activity that allows you to examine key competencies required for a manger. It is used in assessment programmes and development courses to test knowledge, skills, leadership and interaction with others.

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Comments from the Supervisors and Management Game

“Supervisors and Management Duties, Role and Responsibilities is easy to use and an excellent activity to get managers talking and thinking about their role and skills. It highlighted those who were people managers and those who were more task orientated.”

“This is an ideal training activity. I use it to bring out key points on communication and management issues. I also use it for graduate recruitment. Excellent value for money.”


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