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Test your sales skills pitching products and services for a North Pole Expedition and negotiate to achieve a win/win solution for your business and clients



1 to 1.5 hours + debrief


4 to 10 participants


All staff involved in negotiation or selling


Not required


No restrictions on the number of times you can use this game


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Develop sales and negotiation skills finding solutions to meet requirements with all teams achieving and benefiting.



These exciting and challenging Sales Games help develop the skills for successful negotiation and sales.

The Trainer's guide contains notes and exercises enabling you to train the following basics of selling:

  • Focus on the customer (determine the buyer's need)
  • Discuss benefits rather than features
  • Using effective body language and tone of voice
  • How to negotiate a 'win win' situation.

There are also interactive sales and negotiation games to enable participants gain a good understanding of the basics of selling. It is also a great resource for staff currently selling, to review their skills.

It requires the participants to identify the needs of the customer in order to make an appropriate sales offer. They must also ensure the customer feels comfortable with the purchase. This will be achieved by asking the right questions in order to identify the need before offering the solution confidently and enthusiastically.

This game includes the following interactive challenges:

  • Individual sales game
  • Group negotiation game
  • Interactive debrief session
  • Enhanced selling skills game
  • Enhanced negotiation skills game.

Make your sales training lively, interesting and realistic with the easy to use activities in this game.


After discussing and briefly practicing the key points of negotiating and selling, participants get the chance to step up a level and pitch for an important sales opportunity.

'One Step Further' is a charity which provides assistance for people needing artificial limbs to enable them to walk.

Their main public awareness and charity event this year is to arrange an expedition to the North Pole. Some of the equipment has been donated by companies, but they still need to buy some for the team of volunteers who will take part in the trek.

Participants take on the role of a sales executive for different companies that specialise in providing equipment for expeditions and extreme conditions. They have been selected to attend a sales meeting with a Director of the charity and other interested parties.

They are given details of the equipment and the cost price to supply it for the expedition. Anything negotiated over the cost price will be a profit for their company.

It is important that each participant make as much profit for their company and add to their sales commission.

After all the sales pitches, the Director of 'One Step Further' tells the participants they like their products, but the total cost of equipment offered by the sales executives is over their budget. If they do not keep within budget the expedition will be cancelled.

Participants need the expedition to go ahead as this is potentially good publicity for their company. So they have to re-negotiate with each other to reduce the total cost and keep a good profit margin.


  • Understand the importance of influencing by selling benefits rather than features
  • Practice Sales skills
  • Influencing techniques
  • Effective challenging
  • Working towards a 'win win' scenario
  • Working as a team
  • Objective evaluation of facts presented
  • Solving a challenging issue within a fixed time frame
  • Objective decision making
  • Reflection on their own sales and negotiation skills.
  • Effective challenging.

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“I find this game an excellent opportunity to put into practice the sales skills I train. This game covered many different aspects of selling and negotiation that were brought out by the participants in the debrief.”

“Very realistic, active and thought provoking. Easy to get delegates into role. So many selling points were covered in a short period of time.”


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