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Using training games on courses or a training seminar serves many purposes:

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Looking for to address a specific training requirements? Our business games listed by type will help you find a training games and training activities to meet competencies your training courses seek to address, from communication and teamwork, to leadership and management.

Evidence proves that having fun at work or in training makes people more productive and more capable of learning.   “If we find ways of enjoying our work – blurring the lines between work and play – the gains will be greater.”      Ellen Langer, Professor of Psychology, Harvard University

Effective training is not about listening to an instructor, watching some slides and perhaps a video and taking notes. Delegates find it more interesting where some of the time involves training games with specially created conditions, which aim to reproduce those of a working situation. The training activity will also focus on behaviour learning activities that allow you to practice the skills you are learning.

Social Interaction

When employees are gathered together for classroom training, they are often meeting face-to-face for the first time. Starting the training with a game that encourages social interaction can create common bonds between employees and make them more comfortable, which promotes openness and increased sharing.

Keeping attention levels high

Ice breaker games and energiser games that allow participants to move around and have fun will keep everyone fresh and focused.

Successful training is commonly segmented into blocks of approximately 20 minutes followed by group problem solving, open discussion, and games. Using training games in this way increases knowledge retention and keeps attention spans high.

Reinforcing knowledge

Training activities provide an enjoyable way of reinforcing knowledge and skill use.
What I hear, I forget; what I see, I remember; but what I do, I understand.” Confucius 451 BC

Role Play

The use of role playing games (or real play as we prefer to call them) increases not only knowledge retention but also understanding. Training that incorporates role plays makes the experience more relevant and more likely to assist in long term behavioural change.

We offer a wide range of training games for training that:

  • allow participants to make mistakes without fear
  • help to break down silos
  • encourages the setting of shared goals and accountability
  • make learning enjoyable and memorable.

Elite Training European Limited is a leading provider of training activities. We will be pleased to arrange a business simulation game or team event anywhere in the UK or Europe.

We develop and sell a wide range of training materials and training games. We also sell selected training materials and games produced by other top training companies that achieve excellent results in our training courses and events.

Our training games are a collection of ready-made, trainer-led activities to add to your training materials. The games are ideal for your training course, seminar or conference.

Elite Training European Limited is a leading UK corporate team building games and assessment games training company. We will be pleased to arrange a business game or team building activities anywhere in the UK or Europe.

We develop and sell a wide range of business simulation games and training materials that achieve excellent results in our training courses and events.

These training activities like many of the business games we sell, allow you to build your collection of ready-made, trainer-led activities or tailor your own training program. The activities are ideal for your training course, seminar or conference.

To see the other companies that have bought business simulation games from us and their feedback on our services please visit our >> Customers and Feedback Page

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