Customer Service Decisions Business Game | Training Activity

Teams relish discussing key customer service scenarios managing a hotel to reach consensus on decisions, maximising company profits



45 minutes to 2 hours + debrief


3 to 42 participants: Up to 6 teams with 3 to 6 participants + observers


All staff involved in customer services


One computer with Excel is required. You can print results for participants or save as pdf to email


No restrictions on the number of times you can use this game


Buy: £495 + delivery & VAT (if applicable)

Elite Facilitate: £995 + VAT for up to 42 delegates at your UK venue

Experience the impact customer service has on profit (and the challenge of balancing these!), whilst improving consensus seeking and decision making skills.


An enjoyable and challenging customer service game that requires teams to reach a consensus on key customer service scenarios.
In today's competitive markets, customer service determines the winners and losers. The higher quality customer service you provide, the higher level of customer satisfaction you will enjoy, and that will translate into repeat business and more revenue.

Our Customer Service Decisions game is an innovative way to gain employee commitment to customer service, by getting people thinking, discussing and making decisions.

This enjoyable and fast paced game recreates the dynamics of the real commercial world, helping participants develop key customer service skills.

Teams need to be highly organised, well led and able to collaborate effectively to meet tight deadlines.

This Customer Service Decisions game concentrates on some of the winning qualities that make an excellent business: understanding your customers and satisfying their needs. It allows teams to experience and test their commercial acumen in a competitive market to see if they'll make a good profit.

Key benefits of our business game:

  • Appreciate customers' wants and expectations
  • Experience the impact customer services has on profit (or loss)
  • Improved consensus seeking and decision making
  • Experience time management, leadership and management skills
  • Buy and use as many times as you want
  • Easy to use - just follow the included trainer's guide
  • Lively and fun structured learning activity, focusing on real, relevant workplace scenarios.

How it works

One to six teams can take part, with each team representing the new management team of the Elite Hotel. They have to discuss and decide on a number of scenarios about the hotel's customer service.

Ideally, they need to increase the top line (sales), restrict spending their budget and improve their customer service rating and profit.

For each scenario, teams have five to ten minutes to reach a consensus on which of the possible options to choose.

Whilst customer service is important, offering lower fees to potential customers and reducing bills of complaining customers eats away at the profit. The teams' dilemma is how much of their profit should go into keeping their customers happy.

The facilitator inputs the teams' decisions into the computer program and prints out (or emails a pdf) their decision results, including how it has affected their customer rating and profit, before progressing to the next customer service scenario.

If more than one team is taking part, the winning team is the one with the largest profit and the best hotel review rating.

We've also designed this game to offer the facilitator ample opportunity to observe teams in action. Lively discussions often continue well after the end of the session!

Example Applications of this business management game

Assessment Centres

Customer Service Decisions game is an invaluable business education game which provides excellent evidence of customer service, teamwork, leadership and management skills.

Conference and Away Days

See your teams in action as they compete against one another to gain the most profit and the best hotel review rating. Feedback from participants has been extremely positive, highlighting that this business game is fun and they learn a lot about customer service and decision making.

Schools, Colleges and Universities

This business game is popular with schools, colleges and universities as it allows students to apply newly-acquired theoretical knowledge in a simulated business world. Students gain hands-on managerial experience by running their own business in a safe, 'virtual' environment.

Training in management and running a business

This business game is popular with training consultants whose courses include communication skills, consensus seeking, customer service, decision making, leadership, management and supervisory skills, negotiation skills, problem solving and team development.

Supplied with the game

  • Game Introduction - in a PowerPoint presentation
  • Team Folders - information for each team on what is required for the game, including consensus seeking notes
  • Scenario Sheets - the facilitator can choose from 10 scenarios for participants to discuss
  • Decision Sheets - to record decisions on each scenario, before the facilitator inputs these into the computer
  • Trainer's Guide - full instructions on how to run the game and how to achieve the best results, including debriefing guidance and customer service guidance
  • Spreadsheet - to input the teams' decisions and print out their decision results, including how it has affected their profit and customer rating.

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Comments from the Customer Service Decisions Game

“As a facilitator I found this game easy to run and the participants enjoyed being fully involved in developing their customer service skills. They learnt by doing rather than listening and have many points to improve customer service at work. Another excellent Elite Training game.”

“We used this game as part of our company conference. It worked well and brought home many key points about customer service. It also improved our consensus seeking and decision making. Now our staff want more of these games at our conferences!”

“I bought this game because I wanted our students to appreciate customers’ wants and expectations. Also for them to experience the impact customer services has on profit (or loss). The game certainly did that and more! We are now using more of your games on more of our courses.”


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