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The appraisal, when delivered correctly, is widely regarded as one of the most motivational tools in a manager’s armoury. Learn how to maximise that performance improvement opportunity for your staff's benefit with a bespoke performance appraisal training course designed and delivered by Elite Training.


The performance appraisal is important for the employee and the organisation. It can ensure the 'best performance' practices from its employees and promote their future development. However, staff development does not just happen. It takes a conscious and concerted effort on the part of the manager to support and encourage employee initiative. If you have had a performance appraisal you could probably remember a good or bad experience, and this might have nothing to do with your performance!

The appraiser needs to get it right for the sake of the individual and the organisation. It is vital to have an appraisal system which meets the needs of the organisation and the individual. An accurate appraisal will motivate, develop and help establish career paths.

Our appraisal training course will provide participants with the knowledge and skills to improve the performance of staff by conducting meaningful performance reviews. The content of the course is tailored to suit the way your company conducts and evaluates your performance appraisal process.


Suitable for team leaders, supervisors, and managers who conduct corporate appraisal and performance review interviews.


Your delegates will learn to:

  • Understand the role of the appraisal in overall performance improvement
  • Identify the benefits and pitfalls of appraisals
  • Establish clear standards of performance: Key result areas and targets
  • Gather evidence for the appraisal
  • Set out ways of resolving conflicts
  • Build rapport and give feedback
  • Show effective listening and discussion skills
  • Understand the skills required to motivate with constructive criticism
  • Establish training needs and set meaningful action plans
  • Get the best from your people and appraisal scheme.


  • Staff appraisals’ aim and purpose
  • Appraisal system benefits to the appraiser, appraisee and organisation
  • Appraisal steps: Prepare, discuss and follow up
  • Appraisal roles and responsibilities, including behaviours which help and hinder)
  • Appraisal dos and don'ts
  • Appraisal outcomes (including skills and discussions)
  • The power of questions
  • Feedback
  • The GROW Model
  • SMART Action Plans.


Appraisals and performance management are Knowledge and Skills within the Operations / Departmental Manager Level 5 apprenticeship standard, Team Leader / Supervisor Level 3 apprenticeship standard and HR Consultant / Partner Level 5 apprenticeship standard, hence when delivered as part of these apprenticeships, you can utilise your apprenticeship levy to cover your Learning and Development (L&D) investment. See our apprenticeship overview for more information on this cost effective way to invest in your organisation's performance management and appraisals skills.


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Here are some of our customers who appreciate our experience in training and enjoyed our courses and business games:


Testimonials from the Appraisal Course

Trainer: "Well delivered. Enthusiastic. Positive. Inclusive."
Most useful parts: "Content was tailored to needs of participant."
Aspects will apply in work: "All aspects especially ability to coax out objectives from staff." T. Butters – Cepac

Trainer: “Very Interactive, great stories and examples given. Relatable."
Most useful parts: "How to use the SMART GROW and AID tools to performance manage your staff."
Aspects will apply in work: "Performance management tools." Alexie Meade – Enercon

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