Safari Park Sales Game

Recreate sales challenges and develop decision making skills, creating a fun, interesting and successful safari park



2.5 to 4 hours


3 to 27 participants


Staff at any level.


Not required. A spreadsheet is available if required


No restrictions on the number of times you can use this game


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Learn all elements of the sales process and practise your negotiation and sales skills developing a sustainable proposition in this business simulation


The Safari Park Sales Challenge game is the ideal sales activity for an advanced sales training course, seminar or conference. It provides a challenge for their sales skills and helps to develop their planning and forecasting skills.

This exciting sales game enables participants to practise:

  • turning features and attributes into benefits
  • the often complex needs of buyers
  • planning and forecasting
  • negotiating around needs
  • when to make concessions
  • awareness of the buyer and buying signals
  • when and how to close the sale.

Teams of Buyers and Sellers receive briefing sheets which explain their situations and targets. There are also constraints: Buyers have limited funds and space to house the animals for their safari park; Sellers have to find the best home for the animals that they represent.

Buyers receive a Park Composition Sheet to help them plan their ideal Safari Park. They are free to create whatever park they desire, but it must be an interesting, exciting and self-sustaining park with adequately housed and well cared for animals.

They must also ensure they treat the animal well and as far as possible live in their natural surroundings. They must actively support conservation of threatened species and habitats, locally, nationally and internationally. They must also facilitate and initiate research that contributes to species conservation and the welfare of animals in their care.

Sellers look at buyers' needs, then the features and attributes of the animals they represent and develop them into benefits for the Safari Park. They are free to choose how they sell and whether they try to sell both types of animal that they represent.

Buyers and Sellers meet face-to-face three times: to develop understanding and to sell and buy animals which will help to create a fun, interesting and successful Safari Park.

This sales training game is an ideal way to either bring together all the points taught in a longer sales training course or to introduce all elements of the sales cycle to those new to selling. It also is a great sales training activity for the more experiences salesperson; to refresh those sales skills and remind salespeople of all the elements of sales that they now use every day.

After all the sales meetings buyers and sellers can reflect; not only on their individual performance, but on whether they have built an interesting and sustainable Safari Park.

The Park Composition Sheet is then used as a structure for the debrief.

This Sales Game enables participants to learn the following through experience:

  • understanding your products and your marketplace
  • pre-meeting preparation
  • developing rapport
  • questioning skills
  • establishing customer needs
  • overcoming objections
  • closing the sale.


  • Introduce the activity
  • Divide the group into teams of Buyers and Sellers
  • Issue Team Briefs and Preparation Forms
  • Allow participants to select the animals that they will represent
  • Oversee the meetings, observing the teams in action
  • Record sales made and agreements reached
  • Offer animals from charities to further stock the Safari Park
  • Lead a debrief on the issues raised, relate back to the workplace and remind participants of the key learning points.

Full details are provided in the Trainer's Notes.

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Comments from the Safari Park Sales Game

“We used Safari Challenge at one of our internal workshops for our business teams. The simulation was well appreciated.”

“We did make some minor modifications and ran it in a multi team format with teams competing for highest profit. During the de-brief we were able to bring out learnings associated with team selection (choice of animals), sales strategy, selling style, ownership, planning and profit orientation - both transnational and long term. Also unsold animals brought out cost of holding inventory thus hitting profits.”Vikrant Chawla - NIS Sparta


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