John Millar

John is an Executive Coach with an infectious enthusiasm for developing simple, easily-integrated habits into our working lives that transform responses to stress, develop physical and mental wellbeing, and enhance communication skills.

John's working life started as a professional windsurfer before heading to the City of London. He spent 22 years developing, consulting, training and managing projects in multiple business sectors in the UK and Europe.

John has studied Qigong for 20 years and merging this with the ever-changing world of business practices has proved popular and effective. He now works with individuals and organisations globally developing key soft skills.

John's stands out as a coach leading people to think differently and addressing stress and wellbeing.

"John is a remarkably modest, yet unique wellbeing professional. Spending time with him paradoxically makes you feel energised yet relaxed at the same time. I have spent a number shared learning sessions with him and we have discussed many different topics about the future of work, organisational thinking and how people respond to changes in their working lives. I find every moment spent with John an opportunity to learn or look at things from a very different perspective. I have recommended him to a number of organisations as a coach, a mentor and a wellbeing architect, and will continue to do so across my network. John possesses a unique blend of skills, knowledge and experience that helps people realise their perspective, their persona and their potential."

Giles O'Halloran, People Strategist & HR Business Partner