Tracey Bowles

Tracey is an Executive Coach specialising in High Potential Coaching, from graduates to directors, Transition Coaching and Return to Work Coaching. Following over 20 years in Financial Services, working at a senior level in Sales, Marketing, Training, Compliance and finally Sales Operations, for the last 14 years she’s utilised her commercial experience coaching.

Tracey applies her wealth of knowledge and experience with specialised coaching techniques, to enable clients to make constructive changes for professional growth and business development. She’s exceptionally insightful with a practical results driven approach, ensuring clients achieve their objectives, from supporting managers with their emotions communicating difficult messages, to refining business plans and enhancing presentations and sales pitches.

Clients appreciate Tracey’s pragmatic, sincere and empathetic approach, and how she adapts her coaching to meet individual, department and company needs.

Tracey's extensive knowledge and experience is invaluable in our dealings. Tracey has a friendly and candid style which targets the relevant topics and ensures the appropriate results."

Neil Kitcher, Strategic Sales and Marketing Director

Tracey was thoughtful and creative in helping me to manage my new direction with effective challenge and ideas which have proved very successful. She is an open-minded lateral thinker who applied her skills and experience to my particular requirements in a relaxed and professional style."

David Brilliant, Trustee Cosman Keller Art & Music Trust