Running your Business for a Profit

Recreate the dynamics of the real commercial world, managing a restaurant business





This business game runs for
2 to 4 hours + Debrief.


Up to 4 teams with 3 to 8 participants in a team (for each business strategy game).


Staff at any level and students at senior high school to universities.


One computer (tablet or laptop) with Excel or similar program is required. You can email or send the P&L to participants or use a printer.


No restrictions on the number of times you can use this game.


Buy: £495 + delivery & VAT (if applicable)

Elite Facilitate: £995 + VAT for up to 32 delegates at your UK venue

Enjoy the challenge of strategy planning, making decisions and taking actions, whilst understanding the business as a whole to drive its profit.  Excellent business simulation for your training courses, conferences, seminars and team building events.


Are you looking for the best business simulation game at an affordable price? Here it is. In Running your Business for a profit, participants work in one or more teams to manage their own restaurant business.

This is an exciting and fast paced business education game that recreates the dynamics of the real commercial world, helping participants develop key management skills.

Team members work together to plan strategies, make management decisions and take action. They must learn from the results of their decisions and adjust their strategy and operations.

Teams need to be highly organised, well led and able to collaborate effectively to meet tight deadlines. You can fine them if they are late in submitting their decisions.

What makes our business simulation game so popular? Running Your Business for a Profit concentrates on the winning qualities that make an excellent business manager: understanding your customers, satisfying their needs, employing the right staff and motivating them so you get the best from them. It allows teams to experience and test their commercial acumen in a competitive market to see if they make a good profit.


Participants use the team briefing sheets to discuss and develop a basic business strategy, comprising the following elements:

  • business plan
  • branding and advertising strategy
  • target customer base
  • restaurant name
  • shop-fitting policy
  • food offering
  • staff numbers and salaries
  • marketing budget
  • pricing strategy
  • how much money to borrow.

The facilitator enters the team's decisions into a computer, which provides a results print-out in the form of a simple profit and loss report. You can also email participants the P&L report.

This business education game is just like the real world, where the management team need to be effective and efficient with their branding, buying, pricing and staffing levels. If not, turnover and profit will suffer.

As with all the best business simulation games, it's not solely about making a profit. There are typical staff and customer service issues for the facilitator to introduce to suit particular learning outcomes. They can also learn about features, benefits and values and put them into practice as they use their creative skills to design a logo, an advertising poster and a radio commercial. All these can increase sales.

The ability to adapt in response to changing market conditions is another skill the game helps to develop. After each trading period teams can adjust their strategy for the next period. The facilitator can also introduce various threats and opportunities, including competition from other restaurants, health and safety issues and expansion opportunities.

You can run this business simulation game with teams in competition or with just one team learning the key concepts of running a business. As for timing, you can run it for up to six trading periods in one training session, or spread the trading periods over several training sessions.

We've also designed this game to offer the trainer ample opportunity to observe teams in action. Lively discussions often continue well after the end of the session!

The most profitable restaurant at the end of the trading period wins.


Assessment Centres

Running Your Business for a Profit is an invaluable business education game which provides robust evidence of business knowledge, teamwork, leadership and management skills.

Conference and Away Days

See your teams in action as they compete against one another to build the most successful business. Feedback from participants has been extremely positive, highlighting that this business simulation game is fun and they learn a lot about running a company.

A great way to finish the game is when participants display their creative skills to their fellow learners, performing the radio commercial they have devised.

Schools, Colleges and Universities

This business strategy game is popular with schools, colleges and universities as it allows students to apply newly-acquired theoretical knowledge in a simulated business world. Students gain hands-on managerial experience by running their own business in a safe, 'virtual' environment.

Training in management and running a business

This business simulation game is popular with training consultants who run leadership and management courses. It enables teams or departments to discover more about the role of other departments and address silo thinking.

Supplied with the game

  • PowerPoint Introduction on the game
  • Team Folders – 12 pages of information for each team on what is required for their business
  • Decision forms - for teams to complete with their decisions
  • Profit and loss notes - guidance for teams on how the account works
  • Team tasks - 20 issues for participants to discuss. These include late staff, untidiness, bullying, customer service, health and safety, competition, business expansion etc.
  • Trainer's guide - full instructions on how to run the game and how the best results can be achievedSpreadsheet - to input the team's choices and print out their profit and loss account.


  • establishing a target customer base
  • decision making
  • creativity
  • features, benefits and values
  • branding and marketing
  • forecasting and project planning
  • costing, ordering and pricing
  • quality of product
  • customer service
  • quality of product and service
  • analysing basic profit and loss accounts
  • opportunities and threats
  • staffing levels and salary
  • staffing issues
  • time management
  • leadership
  • teamwork.

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Recreate the dynamics of the real commercial world, managing a restaurant business Enjoy the challenge of strategy planning, making decisions and taking actions, whilst understanding the business as a whole to drive its profit. Excellent business simulation for your training courses, conferences, seminars and team building events.

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Comments from the Running your Business for a Profit Game

"We had a very successful sales seminar which everyone enjoyed. We especially enjoyed the business simulation game which taught everyone about the importance of making good decisions and how it affects the outcomes.”

"An interesting way of combining all aspects of the ‘real life’ business strategy game in a short time. Each period had its rhythm and the tempo went faster when the deadlines approached! A very good way of exercising decision making in a team of different characters and skills. And it was fun!"

“I wanted a game that allows different departments experience what is like working in another department. This business game achieved that and more. Now the finance team appreciate what it is like for the sales team and the HR team appreciate how difficult it is at times for the ‘frontline’ staff.”

“This business education game is popular with my students because they enjoy the management games - often without realising they are learning - by immersing themselves in the running of a business.”


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