Practical Coaching

Develop and practise effective coaching skills, assisting coachees to resolve realistic problems





1 to 2 hours + debrief (depends on number of practice sessions)


Up to 12 people in groups of 2 or 3 (for each Coaching activity bought).


Staff at any level.


Not required.


No restrictions on the number of times you can use this game.


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Expand your coaching toolkit and introduce a creative, intuitive dimension into your coaching.  Ideal for personal and life coaches, group facilitators, teachers, therapists and counsellors.


Practical Coaching Activity is an easy to learn and ready to use training activity. With quick delivery, you can soon be up and running your coaching skills training.

Interesting and informative coaching notes and practical coaching activities provide the basic principles and techniques required to be a successful coach.


In the pack you will find useful information on:

  • the role of a coach
  • dos and don'ts of life coaching
  • the importance of non-verbal communication when coaching
  • body language that builds rapport
  • powerful questions for life coaching
  • using the GROW model
  • the skills of giving feedback.


When coaching, it is likely the coachee will come to you with issues or problems seeking your advice. It is important to learn how to hand the problem or difficulty back to the coachee and encourage them find the solutions. Part two will help you practice the skills to do this.


Choose from the series of interesting and challenging problems included in the pack for the coach to assist the coachee to resolve.

Divide the group into teams of three. With one person to take on the role as a coach; another to be the coachee and one to be the observer.


Can a team identify the colour and shape of these objects whilst wearing a blindfold?

Colourblind is a group exercise that neatly replicates the confusion and loss of vision often experienced in our workplaces.

Blindfold games are practical exercises in verbal communication, which demonstrate the variety of strategies which individuals use to make sense of their worlds.

Colourblind explores how perceptions are presented, how meaning comes to be shared between individuals and groups and how organisational strategies are developed to account for the wide range of individual thinking and learning styles.

Colourblind is a challenging, entertaining and innovative exercise, portable enough to be carried in a briefcase, simple to set up in the smallest or most formal of training environments and with an enormous variety of applications.

The Colorblind game comprises 30 coloured plastic shapes and 12 blindfolds to ensure participants cannot see.


Participants wear blindfolds and the trainer spreads out the plastic shapes in front of them.

The trainer removes two of the coloured plastic shapes and the group has to establish the shape and colour of the missing shapes.

Participants may not exchange or pass the shapes between group members

The trainer will answer the question, "What colour is this?" correctly, as many times as it is asked, but no other questions will be answered.

We apologise for the changes of spelling of Colourblind on this page. The original name for this game is Colourblind, but it is also Internationally known as Colorblind, Color blind, Colour blind. By using all these names on this page we hope to keep all users of this blindfold game happy!

Give each person a briefing sheet for their role which they must read and fully understand before starting the coaching session.

Give the coach a problem sheet with the answer and another sheet with only the problem on. When the coach fully understands the problem and the answer they hand the problem sheet to the coachee and run a coaching session to encourage them to find the solution.

The observer's role is to observe the actions and reactions of the participants and make notes of what they consider to be noticeable actions and attitudes. At the end of the session the observer will give their observations for discussion with the participants.

This game is appropriate for use by personal and life coaches, therapists, group facilitators, teachers and counsellors who are interested in expanding their toolkits and introducing a creative, intuitive dimension into their work.


  • Understand the basics of coaching
  • Appreciate good and bad approaches to coaching
  • Using body language to build rapport
  • Ask effective questions
  • Practise effective listening
  • Avoid being judgmental
  • Show empathy, acknowledge and challenge
  • Encourage accountability
  • Get to the bottom line
  • Problem solving
  • Giving feedback
  • Practice coaching skills
  • How to hand the problem or difficulty back to the mentee and encourage them find the solution
  • Help others to discover more about themselves.

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Develop and practise effective coaching skills, assisting coachees to resolve realistic problems Expand your coaching toolkit and introduce a creative, intuitive dimension into your coaching. Ideal for personal and life coaches, group facilitators, teachers, therapists and counsellors.

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Comments from the Practical Mentoring Game

“I found the material on mentoring that came with the activity very useful; it was both informative and saved me a lot of time preparing for a course.”

“More like this please! This is the first activity I have bought from you and I found it so useful. I will be buying some more now. Many thanks.”

“Easy to understand; it save me hours of preparation for a course on mentoring. The mentoring activity was great; real practise in mentoring that went down well with"

Comments from the North Pole Sales & Negotiation Game

“I find this game an excellent opportunity to put into practice the sales skills I train. This game covered many different aspects of selling and negotiation that were brought out by the participants in the debrief.”

“Very realistic, active and thought provoking. Easy to get delegates into role. So many selling points were covered in a short period of time.”

Comments from the Practical Coaching Game

"The Trainer's Guide contained many useful points about coaching which we put into practice when doing the coaching sessions."

“Thank you for another great learning activity. Easy to use with lots of learning for the participants"

"It brought out so much learning in a short period of time. The coaching activities are a great way to learn life coaching skills."


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