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This game runs for 1.5 to 2 hours + debrief.


Ideal for 12 to 27 participants in a team (for each business game).


Staff at any level.


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Strengthen teams, create bonds and impart skills with our innovative team building business games.


Participants in this change management game become team members in the 'WE CAN DO COMPANY.' They are required to work on a new project for one of their top clients 'The Choco Bar Company' who urgently need ideas for the design and marketing of a new chocolate bar.

They have set requirements for the new chocolate bar, but as the teams work on this, the requirements change. A 'we can do' attitude is essential to enable them to cope with these changes.

Once they are managing the task, another change occurs as some members of the team are required to leave and work with another team. Also the time for completion of the task is reduced. Their change management abilities are put to the test!

Each team will have to handle several changes. Facilitators often take the opportunity to ask participants to record their feelings and thoughts at this time. These together with the experience of this change management exercise brings out key points in the debrief such as:

  • How did you manage the changes?
  • What affect did the changes have on you; individually and as a team?
  • When the other team members joined you, how were they accepted into their new teams?
  • Were they made to feel welcome? Were they ignored?
  • Did the existing teams make use of the knowledge that the new team members had?
  • Why was it important for you to deal with the changes?
  • What are the key points about management of change?
  • What can you do to help when change is required at work?


  • is challenging, but fun
  • provides ample opportunity to practice change management skills
  • enables participants to discover how they and their team react to change
  • requires effective time management and communication skills
  • promotes team work
  • brings out leadership qualities
  • utilises presentation skills.

Although these are serious subjects and the business game is challenging The WE CAN DO COMPANY is intended to be fun as well. Participants learn more when the training process is enjoyable.


In this change management game each team has a different area of responsibility. Time is limited and the tasks change as the game progresses. It is crucial for teams to co-operate and communicate effectively because the change one team makes could affect the task of the other teams!

When the teams have produced the design and marketing for the new chocolate bar they need to prepare a persuasive presentation to the Choco Bar Company who will either accept their proposal and reward them with a huge profit or reject the proposal. If you are looking for games on change management, this training game helps teams deal with the management of change by effective teamwork.

Participants learn more than theory by practical experience, they also learn about themselves and others. Teambuilding development is enhanced and the practical value of group dynamics is demonstrated.


Change management activities are popular exercises for assessment centres; our change management game involves many skills and attributes to assess.

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Enjoyable Change Management Game for Change Management Training. Challenging but enjoyable training activities. Strengthen teams, create bonds and impart skills with our innovative team building business games.

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Comments from the We Can Do game

"It is one thing reading about this, but this kind of work is what really hits home and makes you fully understand the importance of the issues."T. Kristin – University of Westminster

“I have run the game several times now and each time it has been a huge success. I have been running full day sessions with teams and in the mornings we focus on the theory and the issues of integrated working and in the afternoon I use the game as a practical example of how to manage the change process. I cannot praise this game enough. It has been so successful that I have been asked to work specifically with social work staff as well.”Y. Campbell – Senior OD & Training Advisor – Mental Health NHS

"The game was great - excellent fun and very relevant learning. I really appreciated the pre-briefing that you gave me which helped a lot.”K. Summers - Seahorse Coaching & Consulting


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